Wendy Despain

Wendy Despain was originally trained as a technical writer and science reporter, back in the days before the Internet. She’s been a computer geek since she was a kid helping to debug the programs her dad was typing into his brand new TRS-80. When the Internet came along, she moved from writing about technology to teaching others how to understand and communicate using technology. She has taught at Drake University, Northwestern University, Full Sail University and SMU Guildhall. Along with teaching, Wendy works as a contract technical writer and game/experience designer who specializes in troubleshooting and keeping people engaged and moving forward through narrative. She has worked on contract with Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Disney, PBS, and many indie game companies. At universities, she helps transition students from academia to industry.


Giles Schildt

Giles Schildt has been a gamer and game designer his whole life. His professional focus has been on board games and military simulations. He has worked as a technical specialist for Gateway Computers, an independent board game rep, a game developer for Steve Jackson Games, and a simulations specialist for The United States Army. He is currently working as a consultant full time.