Narrative Design: JetSet Secrets

Wendy was contracted by EA to be the narrative designer on JetSet Secrets – a hidden object game on Facebook published in 2013. She used characters created by the design team and wove them into a story of intrigue and excellent detective work.

Official Game Description: Join the elite and venture into a world of money, mystery, and mayhem. Be extraordinary in the hidden object adventure, JetSet Secrets.

Travel the globe as a brilliantly savvy detective with a world-class crew. Decipher breathtaking scenes to find clues that will lead you to catch the world’s most devious criminal masterminds. With every hidden object you find, you will gain wealth, respect, and clues to unraveling the evil plans of the villains.

See it. Solve it. Find the elusive truth.

Official Game Trailer: YouTube Link to JetSet Secrets Trailer